Thursday, April 8, 2010

234. Ring

Birthday gift from Benji... Navajo style ring, 50 years old. so precious.


Jes said...

Sweet ring, how cute does your friend look peaking through the clothes rack!!

Belated birthday wishes too x

nina + seraina said...

sara's a FREAAAKK watch out

daydreaminblue said...

hahaha i wouldnt have noticed your friend behind the rack if i hadnt read the other comments...freaked me out a little! :p

love the ring. i've been looking for one like that for awhile now..

LoveMore said...

HAAAAAA hiding in the background! SO good. The ring is gorrrgeous.

BTW - your blog is SO good lady! Found your from Jodes'.

Love it!

xxxx Bel