Monday, March 8, 2010

223. Selamat malam

Flew in at 6am this morning and straight to the office... Currently partially unconcious due to lack of sleep, showering, etc.
Bali was more than amazing, celebrating MP's 5th birthday and the grand opening of concept store- "MARKET", stocking
MP/ Evil Twin/ Staple in Seminyak.
Amongst lazing around our mouth drooling villa & sipping plenty cocktails, I managed to do some shopping.... Picking up
some Kaftans, vintage playsuits & dresses, sarongs and a killer "MARKET" bag which i plan to blog about soon....
Here are some highlight piks- I plan to update more in days to come..
Enjoy this piece of paradise.


Jes said...

Photos look stunning. I LOVE Bali.So relaxing and fun. Can't wait to check out the store in April when i visit.

liv said...

gohh.. your trip looks so beautiful and relaxing.. the photos are just gorgeous!! i've never been to bali, i so so wanna go, especially after seeing these!

my parents will be there the end of march, so i must get them to check out the new store.


wreckedstellar said...

Beautiful photos- your villa looks like paradise!