Sunday, May 3, 2009

Seven things to share

Seven things about me as requested by Fashion Canvas..........
1. I am Vegan and love raw food.
2. I work as a fashion designer for Minkpink.
3. My bestfriend is my Asian Leopard cat, Zulu.
4. I have been around the world.
5. I hate aeroplanes.
6. My favourite place in the world is Mexico
7. I am complicatingly uncomplicated.



Francheska said...

LOLLL I love how you´ve been around the world yet you dont like airplanes !!
And your best friend sounds awesome!! :D


stilettolover91 said...

u look absolutely gorgeous!! luv the shoes!! awesome blog!! check out mine too

andrea said...

cool girl cool style!

liviana said...

haha.. love it!!

i also hate planes but i love to travel.. if only they found a new mode of transport =(

you are gorgeous lady.

liv <3

danika said...

ooh I am vegan also. (though I still struggle with no cheese!) how is that going for you?
ps. i love your blog!