Thursday, January 22, 2009

Todays Wearings.

Disregard the serious facial expression.
Today I am wearing a Tee dress with a vintage belt, a Zoe Wittner bag and my favourite pair of shoes right now- Hi-Top all black converse.
Loving the semi-grungy-esque look right now that these shoes inflict. Personally, I like to wear them with short dresses, feminine or masculine t-shirt-like... Or denim cut off's with a plain tee and killer chunky accessories. i bought them because I am going O/S for a work shopping trip next month and for those who have tried to shop in thongs for 12 hours straight will know that it is a painful idea. These will work great in the cold back with skinny jeans and sweats or in the heat back with a mini and some radical sunglasses. mmm I am invisioning it now.
Have a great thursday! x

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