Monday, January 19, 2009

To Be.

Geez, it feels like years since i've logged onto this thing when matter-of-fact it has only been a month!
Over the festive season I've taken a new lease on life, finding ways to convince myself that I need another swimsuit or another pair of shoes and i'm feeling good.
Of late I have purchased a Mimco necklace and some high-top all black chucks that will come in handy for travel...
I am hoping to snap up one of these gorgeous floral Shakuhachi must haves for summer.

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Kate said...

I saw a girl at Witchery wearing that Mimco necklace. She was wearing a loose, plain black silk dress. It added a third dimension and looked so amazing!

Thanks for checking out my blog :) I've been waiting for readers! I'll follow yours too.

Kate x