Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Inspiration: ALEXA CHUNG

This girl is downright cool.
Her style is so laid back yet charmingly stylish that the clothes she wears are selling out world-wide due to girls aspiring to look her part.
Beautiful and famous, if this model turned british TV presenter hasnt made you bitterly jealous yet than I might just throw in that she is dating the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys.
I definatly think that this is one to watch out for.
Check her out on youtube: personally, this is my faviroute:

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LoveMore said...

Oh i LOVE her too! how cute is she..and i agree her style is so rad. love it!

oh and i am posting something soon on Untitled and Jodes' label too!

i live in SA! will either be coming down our way? xxx LM